Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Hello hello!
It was Queen's day and very appropriately I spent it in Amsterdam. Purely coincidental, actually. I was there on occasion of the visit of my friend Maya's mom, and also passing through on my way to Portugal! I read somewhere that spending Queen's day in Amsterdam is one of the must-do's of the purposeful tourist, and what can I say... It's something between utterly annoying and utterly fun! Annoying because you don't have one single moment of peace and quiet, and all the nice shops are closed. Fun because you get to see some strange and amazing things while trying to walk around in the bustling streets full of very tall and very drunk people. Traditionally, Queen's day belongs to the youth, I think. It's the day when kids come out to the streets and show their talents or just sell their parents' junk, since it's allowed to do so without any particular licence. Hell, even I could do it. Maybe next year, if you come to Groningen, you will see me singing fado to passers-by.
Some kids are indeed amazing, others are just ordinary, but always it's fun to watch what they do, if not only because they try so hard. And of course, the flea markets (or vrijmarkt) everywhere are always interesting to find cheap and entertaining stuff.
Negative points: the ongoing rave throughout the whole city. Can't get no sleep. Indeed. And way too much orange.

Me and Maya on Leidsestraat (notice the lack of orange in our personas)

A kid playing the guitar in Vondelpark. Rock on, dude!!

Some bigger kids, but still, no more than 17, playing amaaaaazingly some jazz music. Roy Hargrove, you've got competition coming!


Blogger Filipe said...

De que ser ve ir a Amsterdam se as shops mais interessantes estão fechadas? ;)

1:21 AM  
Blogger Helena said...

Parece fixe! Nao sei se o pessoal tem o chapeuzinho para a moedinha mas tenho a certeza de que se para o ano te poes a cantar fado vais levar uma molhada de euros para casa!

11:57 AM  
Blogger Stela said...

Filipe: nao, nao. As coffeeshops estao sempre abertas :))
Helena: deve ser uma molhada de euros para me calar... Mas preciso de arranjar um acompanhante para a guitarra... Depois eh so por o "xaule" pelos ombros e vai disto.

1:05 AM  

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