Sunday, November 18, 2007


It was brought to my attention that according to my weblog, I was still in Copenhagen... Well, Copenhagen is a beautiful city, but I've left it a long time ago! Since then I've been to some new places, like Uppsala, Sweden and Krakow, Poland. But then I returned to my "dear" old Groningen... And here I am!

But this little town is not that bad... Sometimes really interesting stuff happens here. And last week my peak was the concert of Cocorosie in the Oosterpoort. I was introduced to this band through a friend of mine, who took my musical education quite seriously. Cocorosie are two sisters, half-Cherokee, who (in my view) basically live in a world apart. Seriously. They cannot live on the same planet as I do. But I wish I lived on their planet... Cause it sounds fun. Free. Their concert was several things... Weird. Original. Beautiful. Fun. Mainly I felt like I was listening to something I had never heard before. Which is very true because I didn't know most of the songs... But also the music was... different from anything else.

Enjoy the video, I will try to post more if something interesting comes to my mind...Doesn't happen that often, though. :)


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